I am cooking up one thing or another at Tapori Tiffins with interested others.


jun 2016 - 2017

A community for artisanal probiotics.

Say hello to the friendly microorganisms in your kitchen!

Kefir, Jun, Koji, Sauerkraut, Kombucha.


Hosted at:

Levande Kultur / Uddebo

Care in a Post Industrial Society  / Umeå Institute of Design

Ecology of Production / Trade Test Site, Rum46, Aarhus

Cooking with Bacteria / Exchange Library, Rum46, Aarhus

Food - Unfood

apr 1st 2016

A designerly look at food as interaction.

Workshop for interaction design community at the conference

SiDeR 2016

SkajpingDinner: Julbord Series

sept 30th 2015 onwards for 10 wednesdays

On mediated cooking. Does it taste any better when its via Skype?

Amita Shah, nutritionist and school advisor, Skypes in to Malmö while cooking from her home kichen in Ahmedabad, India and we imitate her moves på vårt kök Tapori Tiffins i Mitt Möllan. Amita prepared 10 grymt god vegetarian menus leading up to a strålande julbord. Skajping Dinner is a cook and eat series by Tapori Tiffins.

Glass Toast

january 2015

Fire makes glass

Glass makes toast

In collaboration with glass blower Minna Rombo Zetterlund

Self grown, Self made

july 2015

3 weeks at a depopulated region of Dalarna / Örebro Län.

Fermenting, blending, pickling farmed and foraged foods.

Stocking the larder.

Vegetarian style.

The good taste of 'food waste'

jan 2015 - ongoing

’The good taste of ’food waste’’ brings to the table practical and real action steps to deal with food waste in Malmö city on an everyday basis. Small steps going a long way.

In collaboration with Rude Food Malmö, a project conceived and incubated at Tapori Tiffins.

Language: Swenglish

Time frame:

1hr cooking + 1hr eating

Food and Social Innovation

okt-jan 2014

Workshop on food, society, environment as part of the course Innovation, Design and Processes. Students were requested to bring alongwith from Kalmar to Malmö ingredients for preparing a meal. The condition was that none of the food should be paid for with money. Foraging, exchanging, using surplus, self-grown, home brewed...what tactic did they think of? The workshop took place in the Tapori Tiffins kitchen lab.

The 4-month course was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Åsa Ståhl. for students of the Leadership program, Linnaeus University, Kalmar.

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Rude Food Malmö

oktober 2014  - may 2017

I founded a citizen action network to counter food waste in Malmö. The network manifests as food rescue, cooking, knowledge building and circulation action.

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 We Are What We Say We Eat

 23 oktober 2014

_A food workshop conceived by me

for the Hidden Economies Seminar at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen >>

Description: In consideration of sentient beings, vegan converts gave up meat...then some took up mock meats...In the meantime, born vegetarians are happy without meat references on their plates. Dependancies linger and are hard to shake off.

In this food workshop we will cook meat rhetorically.

And see what pleasures we derive from this way of mnemonic cooking.

Participants of the Hidden Economy seminar will tenderize smoky carrots, mince pink hummus, and tear strawberry leather to prepare dinner that is reminiscent of cooking meat, minus the meat ... or the mock meat.


  Foraging: An Act of Resistance

  15 oktober 2014


   A talk on food waste resistance as urban foraging by me on   

   invitation from the Living Archives Research Project.


   Zeenath Hasan’s work consciously engages with the space of food

   production for humans. Her talk will reflect on foraging (searching 

   for wild food resources) as a conscious act of resistance, which is

   deeply entangled with humans and non-humans in the making of

   meetings.  Hasan is an ethnographer and food entrepreneur 

   based in Malmö, Sweden. Her kitchen project Tapori Tiffins is

   located in the cosmopolitan district affectionately known to the 

   locals as Möllan.

   The talk is a self-financed part of the series hosted by the Living

   Archives Research Project >>



  Fika for Charity

  15 - 22 august 2014

   I made the sweet stuff, you had fika.

   Together we raised 32,108 SEK in 5 days for the campaign   

   Världens Barn!

   In collaboration with Världens Barn and Sparbanken Öresund

   during Malmöfestivalen.   



 Cooking with Others: Fermentation

  22 august 2014

   Taking Indian fermentation recipe to the Scandianavian masses.

   I set up a live video connection to my friend's kitchen in Bangalore

   from the Gustav Adolfs Torg in Malmö. We both cooked with 

   microorganisms in kitchens to make Dosa, south Indian   

   fermented rice and lentil pancakes.


    Photo courtesy: Marina Vilhelmsson, Verdandi

    Malmö Festivalen / Kockscenen /  Gustav Adolfs Torg   >>


Vilda Smoothies

26-27 april 2014

Emilia Blom, designer, forager and blogger at [Dags Att Plocka] brought us Rödplister / Purple Dead Nettles she foraged from the outskirts of Malmö. We vitamix'd them with some mango and cardamom for Mitt Möllans spring market festivities. Subscribe to her newsletter on foraging wild things in and around Skåne >>


Illustration by Emilia Blom

 Karma Middagar för Barnfamiljer

 november 2013 - february 2014

 Tapori Tiffins bjuder in matglada barnfamiljer runt Möllan till att prata om mat, laga mat tillsammans och dela med sig av sina bästa familjerecept. Blog >>




   Sounds On The Kitchen Table

  28 september 2014

   ''Definitely, we eat with our ears and not just with our eyes.''

    Ulrich Troyer, The Vegetable Orchestra.

    _From a paper by Leandro Pisano for ISEA 2011 >>

 Tapori Tiffins bjuder in till en spännande workshop i köket. Hacka,

   mixa, blanda, koka, smaka, sjuda. Ljud och grönsaker. Vilka nya 

   recept får vi då?

 Danska ljudkonstnären Astrid Randrup tar oss med till matens

   hemliga ljudlandskap. Det resulterande infernot kan avnjutas på

   hennes soundcloud. Du kan även köpa med dig ditt eget ljud-mat-

   kit hem och fortsätta experimentera

   Event page >>


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