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Möhippa for a happy bride who knows what she wants.
A family that cooks together, is a healthy family.
Cooking with friends strengthens bonds.
Introduction to cooking techniques with spices.
Svensexa for the groom that cooks for the bride.
Thaali: A meal to satisfy the senses and nourish the body.




   Indian Cooking Courses

   in Copenhagen + Malmö


5 years and going strong.

My cooking courses offer regional, classical dishes with ecological ingredients. 

They help fuel my craaaaazy food projects.

Thank you for your support!




Cooking sessions at your home kitchen 

835sek per participant for a minimum of 6 participants. You take care of cleaning up. I buy the spices and oils, you buy the vegetables, milk and staples.   

Email mewith your inquiries





_____w h a t   d o  y o u   g e t ______



_The cooking session runs for 2 hrs.


_We cook 8 dishes together.


_You learn how to use and combine Indian spices from different regions of India.


_You learn cooking techniques specific to classical Indian cuisine that you can apply to your everyday cooking. 


_We eat a full meal at the end of the cooking session. 



_____a b o u t   m e ___



   Zeenath Hasan was born in the east Indian

   port city of Calcutta. Her convent

   education and pan-Asian upbringing gave

   her a straight spine with a curiosity for the

   hybrid. She strode her way

   through university along the Malabar coastline.

   An abundant street food culture and long

   journeys on the India railways grounded in

   her a respect for regional and artisanal

   kitchen skills. Love called through the birch trees       of Scandinavia where Zeenath now calls her home.     Nostalgia pinches her now and then, and she fills

   the void by stirring up an aromatic chutney podi.



  Download my recipe handout for you :)

  Featuring South Indian rice and lentil pancakes

  (dosa) with Coconut chutney as   

  published in the UK based Fresh View magazine

  spring 2014 issue.



___i n    t h e    m e d i a ________


''Med (matlagning)s kursen mot Indien''

february 2016 / sydsvenskan >>



 ''...jag blev positivt överraskad...''

february 2015 /  mitt lilla gröna  >>






____c o o k i n g   t o g e t h e r____



    _Cooking techniques will be practiced   

    hands-on at the sessions. Immersion in

    recipes depends on group dynamics and

    expertise level of the participants.




   _ Advanced level follow up courses can

   be provided on request. Same costs apply.



    _ If you have specific wishes for dishes to

    cook at the sessions, let me know when

    you make your reservation.